Job Opportunity: Visual Designer, Lumiata (San Mateo, CA)

About the company:

Lumiata wants to change how we manage our health – as individuals and as a population.

Imagine a world where your physician is able to determine care plans not only for the conditions you currently have, but conditions you may be at high risk of in the near future.

A place where rural providers in underserved communities all over the world have access to the best of clinical knowledge in real time and can deliver the highest quality of care.

A place where care providers can analyze whole populations to identify patients who are not aware that they are risk of very serious conditions so we can deliver proactive care.

Lumiata seeks a visual designer to join the team.  We want people who are passionate about making brilliant products and improving how we offer health care at individual, societal and global levels.


As our Visual Designer, you will help lead the development of innovative, dynamic and elegant health information systems. You will be an integral part of the product team, working closely with the Chief Product Officer, to help inform and realize product visions. You will also have the opportunity to develop Lumiata’s general visual style and design sense across a portfolio of products and assets.

We aim to build products that people can’t live without, so you will work as part of a product team that focuses on users to create our product.   You will also collaborate with Lumiata front end engineers to execute our vision.

Responsibilities include:

  • translating the brand into the visual interface
  • creating an experience that is aesthetically pleasing and simple
  • developing a visual design system that carries through across the entire product (and/or suite of products), such as typography, grid, layout, button style, color palette, iconography, visualizations
  • prototyping for ideation and iteration

You must be:

  • driven by design excellence
  • user centric, with a strong understanding of users’ motivations, triggers, and goals
  • demonstrate clear and critical thinking
  • be comfortable exploring the unknown
  • understand how to dissect large problems
  • familiar and comfortable with agile methods in a way that supports design quality

To apply:

Please send your letter, resume, and portfolio to

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