ThoughtSpot is a startup that is revolutionizing the way companies do business intelligence.  They received $30 million in Series B funding led by Khosla Ventures, with partner Keith Rabois on the board. Among all the companies I’ve seen working on business intelligence, I am most impressed by ThoughtSpot.  I know from years of working at […]

As a yoga teacher I’m often asked for advice on how to start a yoga practice.  Here are a few tips: Try different styles of yoga. The variety of yoga styles that exist (Bikram, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Anusara, power yoga, restorative, yin, Iyengar, etc) can be staggering and difficult to navigate.  Try a variety of styles […]

I got an interesting question from someone this week: How you handle jealousy? There is only this one person that makes me jealous. She seems to have amazing luck and everything lines up for her so easily.  I work just as hard as she does, and I know for a fact that she is no […]

Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten to know the team at The Hunt; this is a great opportunity for an interaction designer especially if you are interested in how people shop.  In addition to having a thoughtful CEO and a strong product management leader, the current design team includes a user researcher and a […]

Title: Founding Designer, leading product design and identity. Company:  Homerun (to be renamed OpenDoor) Location:  San Francisco, CA   Hi, we’re “Homerun” and we’re redefining what it means to sell a home.   We will give homeowners a fair cash offer on their screen in under a minute, saving them 2 to 6 months of time […]

I joined Khosla Ventures as an operating partner two weeks ago, focusing on design for the portfolio companies. At the annual KV Summit this week, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on design with the CEOs in our portfolio companies. DESIGN is as important as TECHNOLOGY Today, design is as important as technology. […]

I just rediscovered doodles my 11 year old daughter made late last year on a notepad Bradley received from the All Things D conference.  She never mentioned anything to us about the doodles, just quietly did them over a short period of time.  His name is printed on each page, so each doodle is like […]

I’m thrilled to be joining Khosla Ventures as an Operating Partner! As part of my new role, I will help portfolio companies build design-centric organizations, recruit the world’s best design talent, and lead them through a process towards great design. Helping companies create well-designed products and services goes deeper than people and process; design is […]

I spent the afternoon today in San Lorenzo visiting KIPP Summit Academy, where the non-profit organization Headstand has implemented a yoga program for its students. Headstand aims to combat toxic stress in disadvantaged K-12 schools, through yoga, meditation, and character education. They do this by offering a training program for teachers who want to teach […]


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