Job opportunity: Founding Designer, Homerun / OpenDoor (San Francisco, CA)

Title: Founding Designer, leading product design and identity.
Company:  Homerun (to be renamed OpenDoor)
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Hi, we’re “Homerun” and we’re redefining what it means to sell a home.
We will give homeowners a fair cash offer on their screen in under a minute, saving them 2 to 6 months of time and removing all of the uncertainty of selling a home. This is possible because we will literally purchase the homes ourselves (then resell them on the market). It’s a little bit crazy, but it makes for a much dramatically better experience for customers. In 10 years we hope we will be the only rational way to sell your home.
Here are two articles about us:
We want to hire a thoughtful, empathetic, and experienced designer to build and lead the design team and culture at Homerun.
You will craft the delightful products and identity that will come to represent us. We’re introducing a fair and trustworthy product to an industry known for dishonesty. Your challenge is to overcome that bias and create an experience that earns customers’ trust and love.
If you succeed, you and your work will help define a next generation high-profile startup that changes one of the world’s largest industries for the better.
– Leading the design of our “version 1.0” product
– Developing an iconic and beloved identity for a high-profile startup as it launches and grows. (Think Square, Uber, Tesla, Zillow)
– Developing products and tools for homesellers, homebuyers (for the property we need to re-sell), home inspectors, and internal teams.
– Understanding how and where to use data to improve products.
– Conducting and/or managing the outsourcing of customer research
– Growing and managing an elite and widely respected design organization
To apply:
Send your cover letter, portfolio, and resume to

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